This area introduces the skills needed to give your saxophone playing a solid foundation. Click on a topic below to work in that area.


You control the quality of your tone through your embouchure and your breath. There are other factors - the saxophone, mouthpiece, ligature and reed - but the primary areas where you control the tone are embouchure and breath control.

Embouchure is the position of the mouth on the mouthpiece.
Here is a page that has checkpoints and exercises for developing a good embouchure.
How well you use your breath affects every element in your saxophone playing.
Here is a page that describes the use of the breath and provides exercises for developing breath control.


Playing a wind instrument requires developing a very agile tongue.
Here is a page that contains checkpoints and exercises for developing your tonguing.


Technique development is the process of becoming fluent in the vocabulary of music: scales, intervals, arpeggios.
Here is a page that provides exercises for technique development.

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