This is an initial offering of materials that will be, hopefully, of benefit to your development as an improviser. They include pages on music theory as well as exercises for developing improvisation skills.

Please return soon, as I will be updating this area with additional material.

Two Essential Skills for Improvisation (pdf)
Learning Scale And Interval Sounds (pdf)
Learning Chord Form Sounds (pdf)
Scale theory and exercises (pdf)
Modes built on scale-tones (pdf)
Building 7th chords (pdf)
Exercises in forming 7th chords (pdf)
Exercises in completing 7th chords from given tone - Major 7th and Dominant 7th (pdf)
Exercises in completing 7th chords from given tone - Minor 7th and Half-diminished 7th (pdf)
Sample list of notable jazz musicians (pdf)
Ear training exercises

Here is a selection of links to sites that have valuable information for improvisors:
Jamey Aebersold's Jazz Handbook
    - A free .pdf document offered through his site, Lots of good information.
    - A very helpful site with loads of tips and guidance for developing improvisers
    - Matt Otto has written a lot of short articles on improvisation. Worth checking out.
    - Willie Thomas has put an incredible amount of energy into creating his improvisation course. Free trial lessons.