This site is designed to be a resource for aspiring saxophone, flute and clarinet players and their teachers. On the site's pages, you will find information on developing skills in fundamental areas of woodwind playing. In addition to this site's content, I have provided links to videos and articles that provide additional information relating to the topics. I have also developed content on improvisation that I hope you will find useful. At the very least, the information provided here will be food for thought and might lead you to discover productive ways to approach these topics, beyond what is presented here.

On the web, there is a great deal of valuable information on woodwind playing. It can be overwhelming selecting a resource that addresses the topic you are interested in, provides the guidance in a usable way, and is reliable. I have attempted to bring together authoritative information, based on the consensus of respected players and teachers of the saxophone, flute and clarinet and based on my own experience as a performer and teacher. I believe you will find the information useful and beneficial.

This site is a work in progress, and I definitely would welcome you contacting me with suggestions for additions, thoughts on the content, and whether you found the site helpful. I welcome your thoughts on how to make the site more valuable and how to better reenforce the material being learned in school or from other teachers.

As a woodwind performer, I aim to share my deep love of music with the audience. My goal as an instructor is to inspire at least as much joy in the playing of music as I feel whenever I play, and to provide what my students need to fulfill their hopes for musical expression.

Thanks for visiting.